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Team of Professional Combat Veterans

All our trainers are with a massive military, security service, and law enforcement background.

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Sig sauer p226

A Swiss-German company by the name of SIG Sauer is the maker of one of history’s most illustrious sidearms. The SIG P226 is a legendary firearm that has been used by dozens, if not hundreds, of law enforcement and military units. The Sig Sauer P226 has a broad, large frame and a thick bottom. 17 9mm rounds fit in that fat bottom. In order to provide a slightly thinner version for shooters with smaller hands, SIG Sauer released the E2 model in 2010. The Sig P226 provides enough grip to completely fill your hand. To maximize control, you can get your hand nice and high on the gun thanks to the slight beavertail on the back of it. The SIG controls are expertly positioned and very simple to use.6. The sig P226 is 34 ounces in weight. The Sig Sauer P226’s 34 ounces of weight make it lightweight and simple to control. Recoil-wise, 9mm doesn’t put up much of a fight, and when it’s trying to contend with 34 ounces of weight, it is even less so. The SIG P226 is an all-metal design that appears to be heavy and hefty in comparison to the polymer frame fanatics who currently rule the world.

Sig sauer P238

The Sig P238 is a very dependable pistol that is both reasonably compact and powerful. You might have noticed that there is a persistent trend toward smaller guns. Additionally, they are gaining more functionality at the same time. Numerous businesses have trouble with the weight feature. While some regular handguns aren’t as heavy as one might anticipate, some pocket pistols are much heavier than they should be. Sig P238 weight feels about right, in this case. The pistol is extremely light and portable despite being almost entirely made of metal. Additionally, you can put it with ease in any pocket. The pistol is not only compact but also exceptionally comfortable. The Sig Sauer P238 is not among the priciest pistols available, but it is also not among the least expensive. There is not much to clean since this is a pocket pistol. As a result, maintenance is very simple. The barrel and the hammer area are the two crucial areas that require your attention. Cleaning your gun will be quick and effective if you disassemble it carefully and avoid damaging the ejector. The.380 caliber’s stiff recoil has earned it some notoriety. They don’t leave much to hold onto and don’t have a lot of weight to absorb recoil in the small guns in which they are chambered. One area where the Sig Sauer P238 excels above the competition is this one. The Sig P238 is without a doubt the most precise ultra-compact weapon I have ever fired. In fact, I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that it is more accurate than some much larger guns. In general, the Sig sauerP238 is a firearm that is well worth the price.

Sig sauer P320

The Sig P320 Compact is a compact enough gun to be carried covertly or frequently used. Consider this to be the Glock 19 of the Sig P320 lineup. FCU is such a special feature that it deserves a review all by itself. It is a true testament to the design team at Sig Sauer that it offers the modular capabilities that it does. It is the most crucial component because it houses the serial number and the “brains” of the firearm. The FCU serves as the “brain” of the weapon, and you get to design the rest of it around it. When switching to other frames, the trigger and controls stay with the unit. It’s challenging to pinpoint the trigger—no pun intended—for this. Physically, it’s simple to place your trigger finger where you need it, but it can be challenging to decide whether or not you like the trigger. The grip on the Sig Sauer P320 is among my main issues with it. The Sig p320 stands as one of the best pistols in our time.


Sig Sauer p365

The SIG P365 is primarily intended for shooters who are seeking a specific handgun configuration. The weapon had a magazine the size of a subcompact double-stack handgun and was initially the size of a single-stack 9mm pistol. As a result, the pistol was perfect for anyone looking for a weapon that was simple to use and needed fewer reloads. The Sig Sauer P365 handgun is available in two 10-round magazines. However, the business quickly introduced 12-round and 15-round magazines. The result was that the gun was a novelty on the market and catered to individuals looking for smaller pistols with more power. This has allowed the business to market its pistol to gun owners looking for something unique while also reaching a larger audience. The Sig Sauer P365 pistol has a weight of 17.8 ounces. This is the SIG P365 starting weight, which rises as you add more magazines with a bigger capacity. The SIG P365 is also only a little bit longer. The handgun’s overall length is 5.8 inches, and its barrel is 3.1 inches long. The gun is 4.3 inches tall when the 10-round magazine is loaded and 4.7 inches tall when the 12-round magazine is loaded. As a result, you can hold the gun with both hands without your pinky hanging below it. The pistol’s handle is one inch wide in total.17.8 ounces is the weight of the Sig Sauer P365 pistol. The weight of the SIG P365 increases as you add more magazines with a larger capacity, starting at this amount. Additionally, the SIG P365 is only marginally longer.

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