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LifeCard Gun: Concealed and Effective

With the increased crime rate and the penetration of criminals into public places, the need for a concealed and easily hiding weapon increases day by day. There are various pistols known for their small size, e.g., Beretta Pico, KelTec P-3AT, BullPup9, the Ruger LCP, and the Kahr P380, Caliber: .380 ACP, etc. But fitting any of them into your wallet is not quite possible. You will have to spare a whole pocket for them, and most importantly, they will remain visible. Anyone can tell by just eyeing your pocket that you have something fishy in there.

Here comes the latest LifeCard Gun. What makes it different from others is its unique concealed design. You can easily have one inside your wallet just like your Credit Card, and exactly that is why we are calling it a credit card gun. At Sigsauer, we sell LifeCard guns that are not only highly concealed and small in size but are also equally effective as any other pistols mentioned above.

When taken a glance over the LifeCard Guns, it surely doesn’t look like one. If anything larger than a Credit card, it might remind you of a metal wallet, but a gun? No, it just doesn’t look like one.

Features of a LifeCard Gun/Credit Card Gun

LifeCard is a small but effective pistol. Some of its most important features are listed below:
Chambering: .22 Long Rifle
Storage: In handle, for 3 rounds
Action Type: Tilt-barrel, single-shot rimfire derringer
Barrel: 2.5’’ steel; Corrosion-resistant Isonite-finish
Frame: Hard coat Anodized aluminum
Sights: V groove
Capacity: One round
Dimension: 3.3’’*2.1’’*0.5’’-when closed
Weight: 7 oz.
Recoil: not much effective or strong

These features represent the excellent build-up of the gun. Its capability is not at all limited to its size. Besides being a highly concealed gun and having extremely small dimensions, its material, finishing, and all other features are taken into consideration while manufacturing.

Life Card isn’t just a backup or survival pistol. It had proved to be a real weapon in case of any danger.

Two Different Versions of LifeCard Gun

In the beginning, LifeCard came out as a .22 LR, which was itself pretty good and protected the owner in times of need. Now, it is updated to a .22 WMR version, which provides even more effectiveness. The LifeCard .22 WMR is also known as LifeCard .22 Magnum.

How to fire from a LifeCard?

To conceal it into a small and wallet fitting size, its operation is made a bit complicated. You will find various latches and other stuff to unfold, load, launch, and finally trigger this gun. This is all done to maintain safe and secure concealment. It is engineered in such a technique that it won’t make a fire when folded. However, if you are going to have a LifeCard in your wallet for your safety, you should know how to use it and should try to master the techniques from unfolding to firing the gun at the time of danger. Remember that if you don’t have a proper practice, you will not be able to use it properly when in danger because of your nervousness.

Here is a thorough method explaining the working of a LifeCard .22 WMR.

  • First of all, make sure that the gun is loaded. For loading the LifeCard .22 mag, move the latch at the rear end of the upper half, backward. It will open the barrel. Put one round into the barrel, and the gun is all loaded. Once safely loaded, you can continue to the further procedure.
  • Now lock the gun into its unfolded position. To do so, set the lower latch to fix it into its new position.
  • You will see a trigger looping out from the upper half. Now you have a complete gun with a handle, a proper frame, and a trigger. The only thing missing is a striker. Pull it out from the rear end of the upper half. Keep pulling until it is fully out. The lower half will work as a handle.
  • Now, all you have to do is aim at a target and pull the trigger!

If you practice enough, you can easily manage to launch fire from a LifeCard at the time of danger within a max of 1 minute. Even when practiced more, you can do all of this in less than half a minute.

Benefits of having a LifeCard in your wallet

Having a LifeCard .22 WMR is a must for those dealing in crime and investigation. It can save you from many life-threatening situations. Either you aim to kill a criminal or protect yourself from someone, it will benefit you both ways.

  • A LifeCard .22 mag will serve you as a hidden weapon. Its small size does not only allow it to fit in a slim wallet but also under your socks or even undergarments, where no one would doubt you of having a hidden gun.
  • If you are stranded somewhere, let’s say in the middle of a barren road at midnight, anyone can attack you, considering that you are totally unarmed. In such situations, a LifeCard can become the reason for your survival.
  • Besides being a survival weapon, LifeCard can also be a backup weapon. If, for some reason, you happen to lose your primary weapon, you can take the LifeCard out and shot the enemy. Its highly specified engineering makes it almost as effective as your primary weapon.

Manufacturing LifeCard at Sigsauerpistols

At Sigsauer, we manufacture the best of the LifeCard guns available. We offer both the LifeCard .22 LR and the LifeCard .22 WMR. Our LifeCard guns are highly specified and effective. The material used and the finishing employed makes it a strong weapon as well as a concealed one.
When manufacturing LifeCard guns at Sigsauer, we take care of every single detail to ensure a safe, effective, and hidden weapon to help you out in case of any unexpected danger or a mishap of losing one’s weapon. for more info click here